Getting started

Quick introduction to the hashmail developer docs

hashmail is an omnichannel web3 support and messaging platform for dapps

Great user communication delivers three critical benefits for dapps:

  • A better user experience
  • Higher engagement
  • Lower churn

Our powerful suite of features makes it easy for you to communicate with your users in web3 - to answer support questions, or sending notifications on critical events.

Hashmail support

  • Hashmail support helps you deliver an omnichannel support experience on your dapp website, discord server and telegram channels
  • The hashmail AI agent is trained on your documentation and support history to resolve >50% of customer queries instantly
  • The hashmail widget installed on your dapp website enables users to ask for help whenever they face an issue
  • The hashmail discord bot on your discord server, helps users raise tickets, ask for private support and answer repeat questions within your main channels
  • The hashmail console has a shared inbox for your team to respond to all your customer queries, with complete details on the wallet address, transaction history and past conversations

Hashmail Notifications

  • Hashmail notifications helps you deliver personalized messages (transaction updates, reminders, critical alerts, news, etc.) to wallet addresses
  • The hashmail widget on your dapp website, helps you personalize communications with your users wallet address on your FE
  • Users can also securely setup forwarding for notifications on their preferred channels - across email, telegram, discord. Messages sent to their wallet address are instantly delivered across all their channels

Setup guide


If you need any help, book a call with our team! We're happy to help

  • Sign up for free to the hashmail dapp console

    The hashmail console is your communications hub to communicate directly with wallets.
    Follow along with our guide to setup and configure your dapp on the console
    Follow this guide to signup to the console
  • Embed the hashmail widget in your app.

    The hashmail widget is a no-code widget on your dapp website that allows users to access wallet support and messaging on your FE
    Follow along with our guide to customize and integrate the widget
  • Setup hashmail support

    Hashmail support is an omnichannel web3 support platform for your dapp across your dapp website and discord server. Train the hashmail AI agent on your docs to instantly respond to user queries
    Follow this guide to setup hashmail support on your dapp
  • Setup hashmail notifications

    Hashmail notifications is a cross-channel web3 messaging platform for your dapp to reach your users across discord, email and telegram via their wallet address. Use the campaign builder on the console, or our APIs to send personalized messages to your users wallet address
    Follow this guide to setup hashmail notifications on your dapp

What’s Next

Setup your dapp console