Getting started

Quick introduction to the hashmail developer docs

hashmail is a unified web3 mailbox for all your wallet addresses

These docs are designed to help applications integrate hashmail, so that you can programmatically trigger important communication emails directly to your users wallet addresses

hashmail delivers the messages to users across multiple channels - hashmail mailbox, mobile app, telegram, discord, email, and your dapp front-end. All with a single API

learn more about the benefits of integrating with hashmail

  • Why integrate hashmail- Read more about how hashmail can help you improve communication with your users, leading to a better user experience, greater engagement, higher retention, and lower churn

hashmail takes <30 min to implement. Get started now

  • Sign up for free to the hashmail dapp console

    The hashmail console is your communications hub to communicate directly with wallets. In the console, you can setup your dapp name & wallet address, configure your widget settings, generate access tokens, invite your team, view message analytics, send bulk messages and more
  • Embed the hashmail widget in your app with 10 lines of code.

    Follow along with our step-by-step guide to integrate now
  • Send a message to any wallet address to deliver across channels

    Read our guide here on how to send a message to a wallet address

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