hashmail inbox for users

Learn more about the core features of the hashmail inbox for users

hashmail is a unified web3 mailbox for all your wallet addresses

Using hashmail, any web3 application, protocol, or user can send and receive emails to wallet addresses and any decentralized identity in a simple, gasless, multi-chain manner

hashmail is built on the SMTP protocol, which is the underlying protocol powering emails. Consequently, you can send and receive emails from any mail service (e.g. gmail, outlook) to your wallet address

core features

  • Connect to your inbox using 170+ wallets across multiple EVM compatible chains - solana, cosmos, avax and more coming soon
  • Send and receive messages with any wallet address or decentralized identities. hashmail supports ENS domains, lens handles, unstoppable domains, sol
    • _Shoot us a 'hi' at 0xhashmail.eth or hashmail.lens or hashmail.nft :)
  • Auto-forward messages received to your wallet address are sent to your email, telegram, discord (OPTIONAL)
  • Natively built on SMTP - exchange emails with any web2 email. Your email addresses are:
  • Access your personal web3 mailbox through our web browser OR via our android mobile app
  • Decentralized storage on IPFS with private, restricted access


yet to experience hashmail?

Simply connect your wallet on app.hashmail.dev to access your mailbox. Here's a sneak peek of the inbox experience

receive important updates / comms from 150+ dapps

hashmail indexes on-chain events from 150+ dapps across 10 chains to provide users real-time updates using simple and intuitive emails

Connect your wallet today to receive emails / reminders based on your wallet activity (examples below)


Uniswap - email on successful swap transaction


Opensea - email on successful NFT mint

What’s Next

Building a dapp? Learn more on why you should send communications to your users