Intro to hashmail notifications

A step-by-step guide to setup notifications for your dapp

Hashmail support is your cross-channel notifications platform for your dapp, to send targeted and personalized communications to your user's wallet address

  • Send personalized messages to users wallets on your website, with the hashmail widget
  • Forward messages automatically to user's preferred channels, across email, telegram and discord
  • No-code campaign builder to send personalized bulk messages to wallet addresses
  • APIs to programmatically trigger messages to users on critical events (e.g. transaction failures, important reminders, critical bugs, etc.)

At the end of this guide, you will have setup hashmail notifications on your dapp website. Before proceeding ahead, please create your account on the hashmail dapp console


Create a free account on hashmail dapp console :key:

πŸ‘‹πŸΌIf you have already setup your dapp on the hashmail console, please skip to step 2

  • Get your access to the hashmail dapp console for free here
  • Read this setup guide for step-by-step instructions to setting up your dapp console

Step 1 - Setup the widget on your dapp website

  • When users connect their wallets on your dapp website, the hashmail widget displays notifications sent to the user's wallets in the notifications tab
  • Users can also setup auto-forwarding to email, discord and telegram on the forwarding tab

Install the widget

Step 2 - Setup a campaign

  • Hashmail campaigns enables you to send personalized notifications/messages to multiple wallet addresses using a single template.
  • Campaign templates can have multiple variables which can be replaced with user-specific data (e.g. replacing address name identifiers, transaction hash, amounts, in a transaction template)
  • Once the campaigns are triggered, users receive the notification on the front-end, and on their email, telegram and discord

Setup your first campaign.

Step 3 - Trigger messages automatically using the hashmail API

  • Automated notifications can help you keep users informed on important events:
    • Txn updates, when a transaction succeeds or fails
    • Critical alerts
    • Reminders
    • Newsletters / blogs
  • You can setup automated triggers for messages with the hashmail API to wallet addresses

Follow this guide to send a message with the hashmail API

What’s Next