Intro to hashmail support

A step-by-step guide to setup chat support for your dapp

Hashmail support is your omnichannel customer support platform for your dapp, with a powerful suite of features to provide an unparalleled user experience.

At the end of this guide, you will have setup chat support on your dapp website, and your discord server.

  • Answer user's questions on your dapp website, with the hashmail widget
  • Train GPT on your docs, to enable the AI agent to instantly respond to users
  • Manage all your tickets on the hashmail console - Get complete information on wallet addresses and past conversation history of your users
  • Setup custom message templates and workflows with preset categories
  • Integrate hashmail discord bot on your discord server for integrated support across all your channels

Before proceeding ahead, please create your account on the hashmail dapp console


Create a free account on hashmail dapp console :key:

πŸ‘‹πŸΌIf you have already setup your dapp on the hashmail console, please skip to step 2

  • Get your access to the hashmail dapp console for free here
  • Read this setup guide for step-by-step instructions to setting up your dapp console

Setup channels

Hashmail support can be setup across all your channels. The AI agents can respond across all channels, and teams can manage all conversations through the hashmail console

  1. Website - Setup the hashmail widget on your website to enable support on your dapp front-end. Follow this guide to install the widget
  2. Discord - Setup the hashmail discord bot for private ticketing support, and in-channel AI Q&A bot in your server. Follow this guide to setup discord
  3. Telegram - In private alpha

The hashmail console is a unified hub to manage all channels. The AI agents can respond across all channels, and teams can manage all conversations from a single window

Train AI agent and setup automated responses

Train the AI agent on your docs to instantly respond to user queries. Configure your categories to provide automated responses and fine-grained instructions to users

Train AI on your docs

Embed ChatGPT on your website trained on your docsThe hashmail AI bot can answer most of the user's questions using your documents.

Simply provide a link to your documentation to train the bot, and it will start responding to users questions. (The more comprehensive the docs, the better the bot is able to answer questions)

If the bot is unable to answer any questions, it will gently inform the user that a team member will reach out (and escalate the request on the console)

Train your AI

Setup default automated messages

Categories help you define the types of chats (e.g. Product, Technical support, Bug report, Partnerships, etc.)

With categories, you can define the category name, and a default response that will be sent to the user whenever they select a category

Categories help you organize your tickets effectively, and provide fine-grained instructions to your users

Setup categories

Manage all your customer conversations

Ticket management (Console)

All customer management (from your website, and discord) are on the chats screen in the console. Your team can assign tickets, prioritize requests, close queries and more on the same window

Manage tickets on the console

What’s Next

Train AI on your docs