Setting up the dapp console

A guide to setting up the hashmail console for your dapp

The hashmail console is the communications hub for your dapp, where you can manage all your chat support conversations, train the AI on your docs, setup messaging campaign, configure your widget, and more


Objective and contents

At the end of this guide, you would be able to setup your dapp on the hashmail console.

Estimated time to complete this guide: ~5 min

Step 1 - Create a free account on hashmail dapp console :key:

Sign up with your email on

If this is your first login, you will be asked to create a dapp

Step 2 - Set your dapp name (or join another dapp)

If you're a new user, please enter your dapp name and other details (you can change this later) on the initial setup screen

If you have been invited by another member of your dapp, you will be given the option to join the dapp

Step 3 - Setup your dapp image (and generate API keys)

  • Go to the 'settings' page of the console. Within settings, go to 'sender identity'
  • Ensure your dapp name is correct and set your logo
  • If you want to send messages via the API, please generate your API tokens

Step 4 - Invite your team

  • Invite other members of your team by adding their email.
  • Users can be of three types of roles:
    • Owners - Superusers who can perform any action, including adding / removing admins
    • Admins - Superusers who can perform most actions, except adding or removing owners and other admins
    • Members - Basic role. Cannot setup or change most administrative settings. Restricted to responding to conversations, and setting up campaigns

What’s Next

Install the hashmail widget on your dapp website