Manage conversations on console

A guide to managing conversations on the hashmail console


Objective and contents

At the end of this guide, you should be able navigate through the hashmail console

Estimated time to complete this guide: ~5 min

This interface allows the team members of a dApp to resolve queries, FAQs, doubts, and more by directly interacting with the user that has raised a ticket. The Chats page of the Chat Support is a real-time ticketing tool that is an additional feature of the hashmail widget. This feature is shared across the members and admins of your respective dApp.

What you get

Navigate through the tickets

Only the user can create tickets. Users can create tickets from Discord or the hashmail widget on the respective dApp.

Every ticket is a chat conversation between the user and the Admin. The tickets have been assigned a Category as chosen by the user.

Chat Support - List of Tickets

Chat Support - List of Tickets

Click on any of the tickets to open it. Tickets with a white background are readthe ones with a darker background are unread.

All the tickets can be filtered and sorted using the dropdown options above the list. The options to do so are as follows.

  1. Assigned Status:
    1. All Chats: All the chats, irrespective of their assignees.
    2. Assigned to me: Tickets include the logged-in Admin as an assignee.
    3. Unassigned: Tickets that haven't been assigned to anyone yet.
  2. Ticket Status
    1. Open: Tickets that are open and yet to be resolved.
    2. Closed: Tickets that have been marked resolved.
  3. Sorting Status
    1. Newest First: Tickets are ordered in descending order based on their creation.
    2. Oldest First: Tickets are ordered in ascending order based on their creation.
    3. Priority First: Tickets that have been marked as priority will be displayed first.

Ticket Details

After opening a ticket, the previous conversation history of the ticket will be displayed in the center of the screen.

Chat Support - Ticket Details

Chat Support - Ticket Details

The metadata related to the ticket is displayed on the right side of the screen. The information that is displayed is as follows.

  1. Assigned To: A list of all the people assigned to the ticket. Other people can be assigned to a ticket by clicking on the + button present. Selecting the members' names from the dropdown shown assigns the ticket to the member. Clicking on the names of the assigned members unassigns them from the ticket.
  2. Category: This is the categorythe user who raised the ticket has chosen the ticket from the list of preset categories.
  3. Chat Created: The date and time on which the ticket was raised.
  4. Last Updated: The date and time when the chat was last updated.

Another section of details includes details based on the source of the ticket origin.

  1. Widget
    1. Wallet Address: The Wallet Address used to create the ticket.
    2. Alias: Any alternative name the wallet address may be known as (for example, ENE, SNS, Unstoppable Domains, Lens ID).
    3. Balance: The asset balance of the wallet address.
  2. Discord
    1. Discord ID: The discord username and its discriminator.
    2. User Roles: A list of the user's roles on the discord channel.
    3. Joined Server: Date and time when the user joined the discord server.

A list of the latest three tickets with the same user is also displayed under the Recent Chatssection. Clicking on the ticket opens a tray that displays that entire conversation with its details.

Chat Support - Recents Tray

Chat Support - Recents Tray

Replying to a Ticket

The center section has the entire conversation history for the ticket. At the bottom is an input field where the Admin can type their response.

Chat Support - Replying to a Conversation

Chat Support - Replying to a Conversation

After typing the respective response, the admin can send the message by entering the Enter button on the keyboard or pressing the send icon on the bottom-right of the input field.

Toggling a Ticket as a Priority

Tickets can be categorized as a priority for easier resolution.

Chat Support - Priority Tickets

Chat Support - Priority Tickets

The star icon represents a priority ticket. The priority of the tickets can be toggled from the following places.

  1. Ticket List: Hovering over any ticket from the list shows the option to toggle the priority.
  2. Top bar of active ticket: The top bar of an active ticket has a button.

Closing (or re-opening) a Ticket

Closing a ticket is not a destructive action. Closed tickets can be reopened by the Admin anytime. However, the user cannot reopen a closed ticket. They will have to raise a new ticket.

NOTE: Tickets originating from Discord cannot be reopened.

Tickets can be closed (or reopened) from the following places

  1. Ticket List: Hovering over any ticket from the list shows the option to close an open ticket and vice-versa.
  2. Top bar of active ticket: The top bar of an active ticket has a button.
Chat Support - Closing a Ticket

Chat Support - Closing a Ticket