Private ticket support

A step-by-step guide to manage private support tickets on your discord server.


Objective and contents

At the end of this guide, you should be able to integrate discord server for your customers.

Estimated time to complete this guide: ~10 min

Connect your Discord server 🔌

👋🏼If you have already connected your discord server to your dapp, please skip to step 2

Visit this page to configure discord server here

Please Ensure that you are already an admin or a member of the Discord server to which you want your dApp to connect.

Step 2 - Creating a ticket

Once you set the Discord bot name and other parameters, they will be reflected on Discord Channel with a Create Ticket button displayed below the bot name and description.

This intuitive feature allows users to conveniently submit their queries, report issues, or seek assistance by clicking on the create ticket button, initiating the ticketing process and enabling prompt support from your team. Streamlining the ticket submission process within Discord ensures that user concerns are efficiently addressed, leading to improved user satisfaction and a smoother support experience.

discord channel

discord channel

Step 3 - Creating a separate thread for issue

After user creates a ticket, a private thread is auto-generated where the user's concerns and issues can be shared exclusively between themselves and the corresponding helper. This ensures that the discussion remains confidential and limited to the involved parties, maintaining privacy and fostering effective communication for resolving the user's concerns.

By creating a dedicated and secure space for issue submission and discussion, this approach guarantees privacy, maintains the confidentiality of user information, and enables focused collaboration between the user and the support team for efficient resolution of their problems.

Screenshot when a private thread is generated

Screenshot when a private thread is generated

The bot notifies you that a new thread has been created with the following parameters:-

  • 'description:' The user is promptly informed about the creation of a private thread, uniquely identified by a ticket number assigned to the thread.
  • ticket number- The ticket number serves as the designated space where users can submit their queries and concerns.

Step 4 - User raising the issue

Once a user opens a thread, they are presented with a dropdown menu where they can select the category that relates to their issue. This feature proves beneficial as it helps in assigning the corresponding helper who specializes in that particular topic.

By choosing the relevant category from the dropdown, users ensure that their concern reaches the most appropriate person who possesses the expertise to provide efficient assistance. This streamlined approach enables a more targeted and effective support experience, enhancing the resolution process and ensuring that users receive the most relevant guidance for their specific issue.

Selecting the ticket category

Selecting the ticket category

After selecting the relevant category for the issue, users will be able to state their question or provide further details.

Step 5 - Solving user issue.

Once the user submits their issue, you can connect with them on our console by navigating to the chat support section. Here, you can access all the tickets that have been raised in the past, as well as view the resolved ones.

Our console provides a comprehensive overview of user interactions, allowing you to efficiently manage and prioritize support tasks. You have the flexibility to assign a specific ticket to a designated helper, ensuring the right expertise is utilized for each case.

Additionally, when the user's concern has been adequately addressed, you can close the ticket to signify its resolution, providing a clear indication of completed support requests and maintaining an organized ticketing system.

chat screen on console

chat screen on console

Step 6 - Closing support tickets

Discord tickets can be closed by both the users as well as the support staff. One way of closing tickets is by using close action on a specific ticket from the dapp console chat. These tickets can also be closed using the close ticket button from a specific ticket channel.

closing a ticket

closing a ticket

Once the ticket is closed, the user is removed from the channel and the support team can now delete this ticket channel or keep it as a transcript.