Why use hashmail?

Building a dApp? Learn how integrating hashmail helps you increase engagement, reduce churn and improve user experience

A big challenge for web3 dApps is communicating and engaging with users in a targeted and personalised manner.

Discord, Twitter and Telegram are good for broadcast communication, but are not designed for personalised communication based on user profiles and wallet activity.

web2 applications do not face this issue since the point of access (sign up with email) is also the point of communication.

For web3, this point of access is a wallet (connect with wallet) but dApps have no way to communicate with these wallet addresses.

how does hashmail solve this for you?

hashmail enables dApps to send emails directly to users wallet addresses (or any linked decentralized identity).

  • Reach users across multiple channels - hashmail enables users to auto-forward messages to email, telegram, discord (with support for other channels coming soon). So you can trigger one API, and we handle the delivery to all channels
  • Embed notifications directly on your dApp - Don't waste developer bandwidth on setting up notifications. Our hashmail widget takes 10 min to setup. Any messages sent by you are displayed on your front-end (irrespective of whether the user is signed up)
  • Send messages to wallet addresses even if they are not signed up to hashmail. It'll show up on the widget and be safely waiting in their inbox, ready to be viewed whenever they connect
  • Engage users long after they've left your application - Remind users of important updates, new launches, offers etc., so they come back to your application
  • Reach wallets beyond your current users. Send targeted communications to acquire wallet address who may be potential users of your dApp

Trusted by 20+ dapps; Helping them improve UX, retention and engagement

dApps using hashmail send all kinds of important personalized communications to their users to deliver a fantastic user experience

  • Transaction updates - a successful swap or bridge transaction
  • Notifications and reminders - a new drop, or voting proposal reminder
  • Critical alerts - an upcoming liquidation alert
  • Newsletters - new launches, updates to your dapp
  • Account updates - monthly reward statements, account summary
  • Support messages - issue resolution
  • ...and more

What’s Next

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