Intro to the hashmail widget

An overview of the hashmail widget, and why you should implement it in your dApp

What is the hashmail widget?

The Hashmail widget is a versatile and embeddable component that enhances the communication capabilities of your dapp. It allows you to seamlessly integrate chat support and in-app notifications into your website.

The Hashmail widget offers the following capabilities:

  1. Raise Chat Requests: Users can easily raise chat requests and seek assistance from our AI chatbot, which is trained on your documentation. This feature enables efficient and interactive support interactions between users and your support team.

  2. View notifications sent to their wallet address on the widget The widget allows users to conveniently view notifications sent to their wallet address. These notifications are presented in HTML format, enabling users to see full images, links, and other rich media elements.

  3. Setup auto-forwarding of messages to their personal email, telegram and discord: Users have the option to set up auto-forwarding of messages to their personal email, Telegram, and Discord accounts. This ensures that any messages sent to their wallet address by you, the dapp owner, are also delivered to their preferred communication channels.

Raise Support Tickets Without Wallet Connectivity

With the latest update, hashmail introduces a new feature that expands the functionality of the widget. Users can now raise support tickets even if wallet connectivity is not available on your website. This means that users can utilize the chat support feature without having to provide a wallet address.

To raise support tickets without wallet connectivity, follow these steps:

  1. Users can simply open the hashmail widget on your website without connecting their wallet address.

  2. Within the widget interface, users can easily raise support tickets by providing their name, email address, and details of their support request.

  3. Once the support ticket is submitted, it will be delivered to your designated support channel for prompt attention and resolution.

This new feature ensures a smooth and hassle-free support experience for your users, even if they do not have wallet integration or prefer not to connect their wallets.

Do you require users need to sign up on hashmail?


hashmail is designed to provide a smooth, frictionless communication experience for users. Users can raise tickets, view notifications from you, and setup auto-forwarding from the widget itself. No signup required!

Is Wallet Connectivity Required to Raise Support Tickets??


With the latest update, Hashmail now offers a new feature that allows users to raise support tickets directly from the widget, without requiring wallet connectivity on your website. This means that even if your website does not have wallet integration, you can still provide a smooth and hassle-free support experience for your users.

For more detailed information and step-by-step instructions, please click here.


Try it out for yourself - Experience the widget live on our playground

Can you customize the widget user interface and theme?

Yes - the widget color scheme, and icon is fully customizable. You can set the color scheme, icon and padding according to your preferences in your dapp console

How does the widget manage security and privacy for users?

At hashmail, we pride on following the highest standards for privacy, security and compliance.

  • The widget requires mandatory user consent (when connected for the first time). This is in full compliance with GDPR, CASL, and other applicable laws. Users can also revoke consent / unsubscribe
  • All user forwarding preferences are encrypted and securely stored on the hashmail vault. Users have full control to change / delete preferences as they please.
  • All messages are encrypted, and securely stored on decentralized storage that is accessible. Users can access their messages

How long does it take to implement the widget

The widget takes <10 minutes and 2 lines of code to implement in your application. In the next section, we have a simple step-by-step walkthrough to guide you through the implementation

If you face any issues, our tech team is on stand-by to help you with the integration.

What’s Next

A simple guide to setup and install the hashmail widget