Introduction to the widget

An overview of the hashmail widget, and why you should implement it in your dApp

Communication is critical to improving user experience, engagement and retention. _If you haven't read our post on 'why use hashmail'

What is the hashmail widget?

The hashmail widget is a simple embeddable component that allows you to display full emails sent to your users wallet addresses right on your application front-end

When your users connect their wallet address, any emails sent by you to their wallet address is displayed in the widget. Emails are fully visible on the widget, so you can send images, links, - basically, any custom HTML

Users can also setup auto-forwarding to their personal email, telegram and discord. Any messages sent to their wallet address by you will also be delivered to their preferred channels

Do you require users need to sign up on hashmail?


hashmail is designed to provide a smooth, frictionless communication experience for users. Users can view entire emails from you on the widget, and setup auto-forwarding from the widget itself


Try it out - Experience the widget live on our playground

Can you customize the widget user interface and theme?

Yes - the widget color scheme, and icon is fully customizable. You can set the color scheme, icon and padding according to your preferences in your dapp console

Coming soon - ability to customize the home page on the widget to show important links, chat support, etc.

How does the widget manage security and privacy for users?

At hashmail, we pride on following the highest standards for privacy, security and compliance.

  • The widget requires mandatory user consent (when connected for the first time). This is in full compliance with GDPR, CASL, and other applicable laws. Users can also revoke consent / unsubscribe
  • All user forwarding preferences are encrypted and securely stored on the hashmail vault. Users have full control to change / delete preferences as they please.
  • All messages are encrypted, and securely stored on decentralized storage that is accessible. Users can access their messages

How long does it take to implement the widget

The widget takes <10 minutes and 2 lines of code to implement in your application. In the next section, we have a simple step-by-step walkthrough to guide you through the implementation

If you face any issues, our tech team is on stand-by to help you with the integration.

What’s Next

A simple guide to setup and install the hashmail widget