Getting Started

v1 API reference docs

Making requests to the hashmail API requires a token that authorizes the requests made. This Authorization Token is a bearer token that is required in the headers of the API calls made.

To get your auth token, create a free account on hashmail dapp console :key:

Get your access to the hashmail dapp console for free here

The hashmail console is your communications hub to communicate directly with wallets. In the console, you can setup your dapp name & wallet address, configure your widget settings, generate access tokens, invite your team, view message analytics, send bulk messages and more

Within settings, you can generate an Authorization token for your dapp (please note that you will need to ensure that your logo, and contract address are setup before generating a token)


Play with the APIs in our postman collection here

Note that you will need an access token and set it in the environment on Postman